These are highly focused training sessions, which include a one-hour off-ice training followed by a one-hour on-ice session.  Groups are separated by age as well as by skill level to enhance every players learning. Each clinic time is maxed out at 8 players per session so registrations are encouraged.

We will accept new registrations up to 24 hours prior to a clinic and will waitlist up to 3 players. A deposit of $20 per session up to $100 is required at the time of sign-up.

Please click here to see our cancellation policy

These training sessions are tremendous ways for a player to improve a variety of skills and also learn to utilize these skills in various situational drills and games.


Private and Semi-Private Lessons are conducted during Stick n’ Puck hours and are a tremendous way for a player to grow and concentrate at various skills. Click here to send Shawn an email and start setting up a lesson to get to work!

Cost is $75 for an hour or $45 for a half hour for a private session

For a semi-private the costs are as follows: $60 per player per hour or $40 for a half hour session.

Note: These prices include the fees for stick ‘n’ puck as well as a $15 lesson fee charged by the Sportsplex


We are pleased to offer off-ice training sessions with Shawn as well. These are individualized sessions that incorporate various training techniques used for and by Division 1 and professional athletes.  Using various products such as a speed parachute, speed sled, resistance bands, and more, these trainings are age appropriate and intense.

For inquiries, send an email to Shawn here and use the Subject line “Off-Ice Trainings”.

Get in touch with any questions or comments

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